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10 packs of all-natural smokes. 200 tokes of love.

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5 reviews for The Full Carton

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mason (verified owner)

    Bought a carton for my girlfriend, she normally smokes strong cigarettes and She loves these

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jason (verified owner)

    Where do I begin? I’m somewhat of a tobacco connoisseur, preferring my own organic homegrown tobacco over anything else, including Hestia. That’s not to say these are bad. In fact, they are the best cigar/cigarettes I’ve tasted that weren’t wholly created by my own hand. Every cigarette has it’s own personality, or way of smoking. First the packaging, it’s excellent! The packs are heavy and feel good in the hand. Visually, they exude quality. Love it!

    Next, the filter. This has to be the best filter I have ever wraped my lips around. There is absolutely no taste. It doesn’t mask the taste of the tobacco one bit. If anything, the taste is intensified like a decanted fine wine. Where do you get these??

    The paper. This is where things go south. The paper that wraps the fine tobacco has a strong taste, almost like a Black & Mild, I’m embarrassed to admit, but better quality. Still, the taste of the paper overpowers the excellent taste of the tobacco. It leaves a tingly feeling on you tongue and lips. It’s not bad, per se, just strong. I knew instantly that the paper is not completely natural, leaving more to be desired. The taste is too strong and takes away from the tobacco inside. On a lighter note, the taste of the paper leaves your mouth within a minute or two and you are pleasantly greeted and surprised by the warm taste of pure tobacco leaf. This brings me to:

    The tobacco. It is top-quality. Expertly grown, cured, an aged and humidified, the quality of this fine tobacco shines through after the strong taste of the paper subsides. The only thing better would be organic tobacco. Even still, the taste difference between organic and all-natural is slight, if at all perceivable. I was able to tell the tobacco is not organic, but in the world of tobacco, this doesn’t mean much. Do not be afraid, only fine, high quality, top shelf tobacco is used in these “cigars,” surpassed only by my own home grown organic.

    There are two ways to smoke these little cigars: to inhale, or not to inhale. Both ways are acceptable, depending on what you’re after: taste or buzz. At first, I inhaled in order to achieve that relaxed nicotine buzz. I must say, these do not disappoint. While not as artificially strong as convential cigarettes (thank god) these do provide a well rounded, more whole, deeper sort of buzz as another reviewer wrote on this website. Somehow these make me want to smoke less, satisfying my nicotine craving at a deeper level for a longer period of time. Surprisingly, these are not at all hard to pull. I was surprised at how much smoke I exhaled without any lung clenching. Very, very smooth smoke besides the odd taste of the paper.

    However, the real treat of these cigs are when you choose NOT to inhale. I took a drag, let is swirl around my mouth a bit, and then pushed the smoke out slowly with my tongue. Mmmmmmmm, so delicious. The biting taste of the paper was still overpowering, but not nearly as much as when inhaled, and seemed to disappear faster this way. I assume because the tobacco had a chance to cover my taste buds with their goodness. I can’t get over how good this tobacco tastes! If only it weren’t coved by the weird paper-y taste of the tube. Perhaps, find a better quality wrapping? Just a thought.

    In summary, these are the best pre-rolled cigs you can buy, no doubt. Unless you grow your own organic tobacco and roll it with very fine, organic, see-through papers, you will not find a better smoke. My only complaint is the paper that is used to wrap this exquisite tobacco. Oh how much better these would be if different paper were used.

    Alas, I am a picky connoisseur. My verdict: buy these now!
    P.s. Please excuse any typos, I’m typing on a phone.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Graham (verified owner)

    Ok, so I’m writing this review in real time, as I sit on my porch, smoking my second Hestia Cigar in one hour.

    Holy smokes (get it?) I am impressed.
    I’ll try to keep it simple because this review is geared toward people who haven’t tried this cigar (cigarrette) before.

    The taste is amazing. I’ve been stuck on menthol for the last few years because every non-memthol cigarette I smoke just tastes like garbage. These, even with no menthol, taste great. That was my biggest concern because I knew that if I ordered a carton I would be stuck with these for awhile..

    These cigars don’t feel like cigars. You can smoke these just like a cigarette and get the same kind of buzz, or you can smoke them like a cigar. Trust me that opportunity isn’t available with every brand.

    They look great. They just do. I’m excited to be seen with these out on the town.

    Made in the USA

    Fighting against Big Tobacco

    That’s it. Those are the pros. Basically all the important things you look for when trying to find a new brand to carry.

    No menthol/mint flavor/ any kind of flavor.
    That’s not really a big deal because like I said the natural flavor is amazing but when the first step forward is as strong as this I feel like any other flavor would be a great experience as well. That being said I also really like how Hestias are made with tobacco and water and that’s it. There’s a kind of valor to sticking to your code of conduct when selling a product so if they decided to never make a menthol I would probably just opt to quit menthol.

    The draw strength. I don’t really get a sense of the full flavor or buzz until about half way through. On my second cigarette I cut a little of the filter off and had a much more enjoyable experience. maybe if they put in two filters, both half length, with a “cut away” line so you could adjust that? I’m not sure if that’s possible, either way I can make due.

    So that’s the full Pros and Cons list.
    I suggest you buy these immedietly and never look back.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lauren (verified owner)

    These are delicious! Clean refreshing pull and lasts a nice while. Immediately a fan. Thanks Hestia, I’ll certainly be back!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Juan (verified owner)

    Amazing! The packs i gotten were hard packs which was great. Most people would light these like any commercial cigarette (which are smoked for the buzz rather than taste). However I would like to point out that lighting one of these organic cigs like how you would lit a cigar properly makes it a much better smoking experience.

    Hold it clenched with your index finger and cover the end of the filter with your thumb. Light a match and wait a moment until the sulfuric match head is burned up. Then take the tip of the flame (not the match head, the actual flame) and put it close (not touching) the end of the little cigar, use another match if needed (may take a few moments). You can tell if the little cigar is lit when it starts to smoke on its own. Stick it in your mouth and enjoy!

    Lighting it just right would make it the least harsh and makes the taste much more noticeable and enjoyable! Also i found that after I finished, letting the little cigar go out on its own, I can put it in my mouth because the delicious tobacco taste is still there! I honestly treat the butts like bubblegum, not chewing them but inhaling, the taste lasts a good while after the smoke is finished.

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