Organically speaking speaking

Since Jacob Grier wrote of our journey in The Atlantic, we’ve received many inquiries about the filtered little cigars we’re bringing to market. To maintain absolute transparency, I wanted to clarify what exactly this product is, why it is, and where we’re going from here.

For those unfamiliar, it’s not a cigarette. Legally, a “cigarette” weighs less than 3 lbs per 1,000 cigarettes, and is wrapped in a paper not made of tobacco. Conversely, a “filtered little cigar” weighs more than 3 lbs per 1,000 and is wrapped in a paper that is roughly 2/3 tobacco leaf fibers. Weight-wise, 100mm cigs with good, humidified tobacco typically tip the scales at 2.9 lbs per 1,000. So, the weight difference between our little cigars and 100mm cigs remains negligible.

As mentioned on this website’s splash screen, this avenue enables our side-stepping the FDA’s draconian “substantial equivalence” bureaucracy. Accordingly, we can sell this product to you in another week or two, can ship these directly to you from this website, and at very competitive prices since “little cigars” fall into a different tax bracket than cigarettes.

That other thing: we’ve dropped the word “organic” from our literature. This is the result of a confluence of circumstances and timing. We look forward to introducing a USDA certified organic smoke once this year’s crop is harvested and cured! Right now, in March 2013 we are squarely in-between tobacco crop years. And that means there is hardly any USDA certified organic tobacco left on the market, and what is there, isn’t high-quality leaf (think chalky confetti). Accordingly, we made the decision to use a high-quality all natural additive free blend of flue-cured tobacco.

I am really proud of this product. It represents the culmination of years of dedication to this, and the finesse of getting them to you before further legal encumbrances ensnare them.

Still, I get it. It’s not a cigarette. And it’s not organic. What are we doing about it? Funny you ask. The FDA wrote last week, and our organic cigarette’s scientific review finally begins on April 14 (I suppose one could say they’re looking for more tax revenue).

This is the final step in the approval process. But again, no brand has made it through yet. We remain hopeful. And we’re excited to keep you posted.

In a few weeks I do hope you’ll enjoy our all natural additive free little cigars!