New Idea: Free Smokes! Idea: Free Smokes!

We want to make you an offer you can’t refuse!

We’ve started off 2014 with a bang, and keep growing because you folks keep loving our smokes and telling your friends about them. Every single day we’re receiving orders from folks who sampled your smokes, and needed some of their own.

You’re already doing it. And now we want to reward you for it!

Let’s call it our New Year’s Resolution: we want 500 more Subscribers, and you want free smokes.

So tell your amigos! If 5 folks order The Subscription under your name, we’ll ship you two free packs a month for a full year! If 10 sign up, you get 4!

/> Order size doesn’t matter, any Subscription counts! Just have your friend tag your name / email in the customer comments and we’ll tally it up!

/> If you’re already a Subscriber, we’ll absolutely credit your monthly Subscription accordingly (i.e., if you are a 4-pack/mo Subscriber, and sign up 10 friends, we won’t charge your card for a year).

/> This giveaway vaporizes the minute we field 500 more Subscribers, so…

Let the Games Begin!

And a Happy New Year to all!

David Sley
Founder, Hestia Tobacco