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"Folks who have no vices
have few virtues."
- Abe Lincoln
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Non-toxic filters.
Natural papers without flame-retardants.
All natural tobacco leaf, culled of all seeds and stems.

  • "Thanks for providing an alternative to yet another product controlled and in effect destroyed by the government. So wishing you HUGE success. I really think you're onto something, and it couldn't have been easy. So keep up the good fight. Rock on.”L. McGregor
  • "I loved it! it goes down smoother than the organic American spirits, and doesn't smell like a cigarette (it actually smells...well, very nice). I'm not going to say smoking is good, but it left a 'good' taste in my mouth."F. Noriega
  • "I have to say having smoked a number of cigars/cigarettes, yours are the finest smoking experience I've had. They have all the flavor of a light cigar with none of the bitter tar flavors that come about halfway down the cigar.  Truly amazing, and now you have three more customers.  I'm a casual smoker and these will be my weekly indulgence."M. Sanfillippo
  • "I recently had the fortunate opportunity of enjoying one of your smokes. Great flavor, and best of all... I liked the appearance and texture of the wrapping.”J. Bevans
  • "I actually purchased two cartons so I could share them with my friends.  I'm not much of a smoker, but I will have a cigar or cigarette every once in a while socializing. Anyway, I intend on spreading the word for you. I stumbled across your company while looking for organic tobacco companies.”D. Lee
  • "Your smokes were worth the wait. I have never had anything like them. They are smooth and light while at the same time being rich and complex in flavor. Right on!”A. Kendrick
  • "All I have to say is they are a wonderful smoke! Not overpowering, and not too light, these are very enjoyable. Thank you for this unique product, leagues ahead of Marlboro and Camel."A. Barton
  • "Everyone please buy Hestia, they are the best kind out there. No chemicals, no, no nothing. I love you guys."M. Higle
  • "I had the best tobacco smoke of my life; it was a Hestia straight out of the pack, as intended. Thank you, Mr. Sley."S. Stotzer

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We believe in the American tobacco farmer. Acknowledging the sacrifice to grow all-natural produce, we give 10% back to agricultural non-profits. We savor the tastes and aromas of well-aged tobacco. We deconstructed and rethought this project as a design study, embracing design, construction, and consumption all as mediums of artistic expression.
We all know tobacco is addictive.
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    Yes!! RT "@benVpopular: @HestiaTobacco everyone I've gave one to as absolutely loved it!”
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    @benvpopular so glad you're relishing them!!
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    2. But @FirstData just cancelled our account on Friday. TransNational doesn't work w @WooThemes so we're wondering, do you know of others?
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    1. Hey @KatiePavlich, we saw your report on the #DOJ pressuring banks to shut down industries like ours. Since launching we used @FirstData.
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